Star Trek Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG released by Cryptic Studios in 2010. STO follows the unique storylines of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Star Trek: Countdown. The game takes place in 2409, a few years after the events of Star Trek: Countdown. Players start as an Ensign onboard a ship that is under attack by the Borg. From there he becomes a Lieutenant and commands his own ship and crew. The player has to basically save the Federation (Or fight them if Klingon Defense Force).


The year is 2409 and the Star Trek Galaxy is out of control. The Klingons are at war with the Federation once again, the Dominion is rebuilding it's forces, the Romulan home system has been destroyed, and now the Borg have come out of hiding. Who will win this epic galactic war?


The races include all Star Trek races for the Federation, and Klingons, Nausicaans, Orions, and Gorn for the Klingon Defense Force. You can also create your own "Alien" character for both sides.


Tactical: They wear red shirts and specialize in damage doing.

Engineer: They specialize in protection and have the most health.

Science: Specializes in disabling the enemy and healing.


Weapons include:






and a few others


The player can travel anywhere in the Star Trek Galaxy and can encounter many races, distress signals, and battles along neutral zones. Many planets have been made for ground missions as well.


I give STO a 8.5/10

Pros: Good Graphics, Extensive Character Customization, Ground/Space Combat, Ship Customization

Cons: Repitive Gameplay, Slow leveling, Buggy, Overpriced items, Cluttered, Limited Chat

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