Rappelz is a Fantasy MMORPG published by GPotato in 2006. Although this game has been out for a while, it is still very popular, and GPotato has been updating it constantly. Every new level of the game is called an Epic, neat huh?


Rappelz has 3 races to choose from, each with it's own special abillities, pros, and cons.

Deva: The Deva are descended from the Light Gods, and posess the power of light. Their defense is high by have a low offense. Devans are skilled at magical and healing abillities. Because of their high defense, they have the best tanks in the game. Their healing powers also make them the best healers in the game. Sadly, their damage doers are not very good.

Gaia: The Gaia are the Guardians of the Elements, and posess many Elemental powers. Their offense and defense are even, and they have the best breeder/summoner of all the other races, making them ideal for taming pets. They also are the most popular race in the game.

Asura: The Asurans decend from the Dark Gods, and posess Dark Magic abillities. They have good offense, but bad defense, and have the best magical attacks in the game. They have great damage doers, but the tank class is rather bad, and their healer has limited abillities.


(Note, each race has different names for their classes)

Tank: The tank is usually in the front, holding off other tanks from getting to their healers and damage doers. The tank should have: Good Melee Skills, Good Defense. The tank is usually slow, but well protected. They don't have to do a lot of damage, but it is preferred they do. Best Choice Race And Class: the Devan Holy Warrior-Knight-Templar

Summoner/Breeder: This class specializes in taming pets, and also has some magical abillities. They are usually bad at fighting, and usually use their pets to fight, while casting some magical attack spells from a distance. Best Choice Race And Class: the Gaian Spell Singer-Evoker-Beast Master

Healer/Magician: This class specializes in healing or magical attack skills. This class has very low defense and offense, but are required in every party or else everyone will die. This class usually should have a good defensive pet like a Tortus or Yeti to help them in combat. The Magician has some pretty good magical attack skills, but still low defense. A Tortus or Yeti are usually recommended. Best Choice Race And Class Healer: Devan Cleric-Priest-Oracle. Best Choice Race And Class Magician: Dark Magician-Chaos Magician-Void Mage.


There are a few main types of weapons in the game:






Note: The Spear weapon has been removed from the game.


The world consists of two islands, Trainee Island and Veiled Island. Trainees Island is where you start off in the game (Hence the name Trainee Island). Here players train for the mainland. Veiled Island consists of High Level Dragonlife. Then there is the Mainland consisting of everything else.


I am giving Rappelz 9/10. I play the game myself and like it a lot.

Pros: Great Dungeon System, Pet System, Huge Player Base, Good Training Area, Varied Classes and Races

Cons: Somewhat bad graphics, limited character customization, slow leveling

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