Even though you may be a little pumped up about editing, and you really want to start, there are rules here in Game Review Wiki, and they must be followed. You should read all of this page before editing, or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

General Rules Edit

Absolutely No:

  • Profanity
  • Racism/Discrimination
  • Repeated Rulebreaking
  • Wiping Out Pages (Deleting Everything)
  • Being Disrespectful to the Wiki and to others

Creating Pages Guideline Edit

The following pages may be created, but they must be correctly named.

  • Game Reviews. The article must be called the name of the game. Ex: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Game Series Special Pages (Articles about a series). The article must be called the name of the series followed by Series. Ex. Call of Duty Series
  • Game Developers Special Pages (Articles about a game developer/company). The article must be called the full name of the company. Ex. Electronic Arts
  • All other pages must be approved by me.

Review Pages Guideline Edit

A Review page should have:

  • A Table on the right side of the article with the name, developer, date, rating, and genre of the game.
  • A main paragraph at the beginning of the article that explains more about the game.
  • An unlimited amount of reviews, each starting with a subheading called 'YourUserName's Review.' You cannot wright 2 reviews on 1 game.
  • A 1-10 and Letter grade for the game at the end of each review.
  • The Overall, or average, for the game. The last person to write a review or changes a grade for a review is expected to update the article by
  1. Adding up all the 1-10 grades of the game. Example: If a game has a 5, 7, 9, and 8, then you have 29.
  2. Dividing the number you just got by the amount of articles. Example: The game had 4 reviews and has 29. 29÷4='7.25.
  3. Writing the number at the bottom of the page next to 'Overall Grade:' and is to write it down to the tenth. Example: 7.2
  4. If you have trouble understanding, go on the internet and look up 'How to Average' on Google.

Here are the values of the 1-10 grade, what they mean, next to their letter grade and color.

Number Grade Meaning Letter Grade Color
10 Masterful A+ Yellow
9.5 Incredible A Green
9 Outstanding B+ Green
8.5 Great B Green
8 Impressive C+ Lime
7.5 Good C Silver
7 Decent D+ Silver
6.5 Passable D Silver
6 Mediocre D- Red
5.5 Poor F Red
5 Bad F- Black

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